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Professional Facial


Reinvigorate your skin. No invasive surgery is needed.

As we age we lose about 1% of collagen each year after the age of 20. When less collagen is produced and our elasticity weakens our skin loses firmness causing it to wrinkle and sag.  The Plasma Pen is an inventive approach to skin tightening, helping to dramatically repair, reverse, and mitigate the effects of aging.

By using state-of-the-art technology and proven science, along with specialized techniques the Plasma Pen is a way to non-invasively smooth wrinkling, provide eyelid tightening, reduce hooding, and treat, repair, lift and rejuvenate the skin.

The Plasma Pen converts electrical energy into electrostatic energy and is transmitted to a probe by discharging a flash of plasma within millionths of a second. This is achieved by ionising nitrogen and oxygen in the air to create plasma gas. Instant contraction and tightening of skin upon contact then occur.
The result? A visual reduction of fine lines, wrinkles and loose skin.


The Plasma Pen is a handheld device that transmits energy using a small finepoint probe. By ionising nitrogen and oxygen with electrostatic energy a plasma gas is achieved. The plasma creates an arc and contracts the epidermis by creating an external microtrauma. When this microtrauma is caused it stimulates the body’s wound healing response encouraging it to generate fresh, beautiful new skin cells at the surface. Because the Plasma Pen delivers the plasma with precision it does not harm any surrounding tissue.

The thermal disruption that was generated later causes excess skin to dry superficially into tiny crusts (carbon crusts), which fall off in the form of tiny flakes within days. Controlled injury is a commonality for non-invasive skin treatments. This “soft surgery” of the Plasma Pen results in heating, refragmentation and tightening of the skin, but doesn’t cause long-term scarring, infection or loss of pigmentation. Additionally, fibroblast cells contained within the dermis are stimulated, kickstarting collagen production, which inflates, plumps, and lifts the skin helping to rebuild and strengthen the “scaffolding” within the dermis.

At the time of treatment a topical anesthetic is applied, aiding in the comfort of the procedure. The time of treatment will vary depending on what area(s) are targeted. Post-treatment, the skin will form tiny crusts that will last for 5 – 7 days. Your clinician will go through detailed post-treatment instructions, which will include keeping the area clean and moisturized to ensure a rapid recovery and best results. Plasma Pen is the gift that keeps on giving… you will see some immediate benefits and those results will continue to improve over the coming months. Results last up to 3 years!

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