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This kit contains skin care products to help strengthen skin whilst diminishing the appearance of imperfections, restoring a radiant complexion.

Instantly recognised for its uplifting, circus note, the Rebalancing Vitamin A range has become a trusted solution for skin emergences, skin detox and restorative skin treatments.
Suitable for all skin types, though it is tailored for those with sudden skin changes including combination, dull stressed and hormonally unbalanced skin conditions.

This kit is suitable for all skin types, though it is tailored for those with combination, dull, stressed and hormonally unbalanced skin conditions.

The perfect travel kit that helps skin adapt to changes in climate, seasons, time zones, diet, humidity and air quality.

This kit contains $297.50rrp worth of products. Save $107.50rrp when you buy this kit!

La Clinica For Skin and Body prides itself on its innovation and thus the ingredients listed here may differ from the packaging depending on the time and region of purchase.


Invest in this powerful skin detox kit and treat troubled or combination skin. La Clinica’s combination skin detox rebalancing kit contains skin care products formulated to help strengthen the skin, whilst diminishing the appearance of imperfections. This multitasking detox for the skin comes with six go-to hero products, promising to restore the skin’s radiant complexion. Each is packed with powerful vitamin A and healing herbal extracts for happy, healed and hydrated skin.


The benefits of a purifying skin detox


The skin is a natural detoxifier, but as the body's largest organ, it often requires a much-needed boost in remaining pure. If your complexion appears dull or lifeless but you’re unsure what it wants and needs, a detox for the skin could give you a brighter and healthier glow. Every day, we can find ourselves faced with toxins such as air pollution, cigarette smoke, stress and product build up. All of these things can aggravate the skin, causing dullness, redness, congestion, irritation and fundamentally, a compromised barrier function. Say bye to unwanted toxins with our soothing and detoxifying rebalancing kit that purifies your skin without stripping it.






Ensure that you use target skin detox formulations, known for purifying and detoxifying the skin. These formulas work to thoroughly remove excess product build up, dead skin cells and toxins that your skin is trying to eliminate naturally. While the detox kit is hugely beneficial for skin that needs a pick-me-up, it’s vital that you actively try and flush toxins from the inside out too. This entails drinking lots of water and eating a healthy, nutritious diet.



Giving your skin a detox entails dedicating time to actively removing toxins, impurities, pollutants, and dead skin cells from the body. This encourages the skin to restore, renew and revitalise, leaving you with a much brighter and radiant looking complexion. Lock in moisture, hydrate your skin and say bye to dull, lifeless skin.



Everyone reacts differently to detoxing their skin. However, when you are embarking on a skin detox, positive changes to both your diet and skincare regime may lead to what is known as 'purging'. Purging refers to the initial skin breakouts that occur as a normal reaction when your body begins responding to change. Typically, breakouts appear as small, red or tender bumps.



While toxins don’t exactly ‘come out of your skin’, you may notice a change in your skin at the beginning of your detox journey with us. Once you start feeding your skin from the inside with a balanced nutritional regime, as well as high quality skin solutions, you may experience minor breakouts as your body starts to detoxify and rid itself of toxins.

Combination Skin Detox Rebalancing Kit

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