Tattoo Removal



TATTOO removal at AVANA Wellington

Helios-III, world’s first Fractional Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser system with special patented optics emits a sudden burst of energy to break up the ink particles on the skin. Once broken, your body is able to remove these smaller ink particles as a natural process, resulting in your tattoo becoming progressively lighter and lighter with each treatment and eventually fading away.

Laser Tattoo Removal Timeline

A typical tattoo takes about 10 treatments to remove completely. If you are looking to fade a tattoo for a coverup piece, a partial tattoo removal option will remove as much ink as possible from your skin in just one to four sessions. This can vary depending on the artist and the new artwork that you want.

How Our Laser Treatment Works


Laser tattoo removal works by applying concentrated energy to the ink particles. This breaks up the large particles of ink into smaller ones, allowing your immune system to flush it out. Each laser treatment works at a different depth in the skin, so multiple sessions (spaced 6-8 weeks apart) are needed to get all the ink.


Factors that Affect Tattoo Removal

Variables to the treatment timeline can include the depth and density of the tattoo, ink composition, ink location, along with health and lifestyle choices. To improve results, we recommend maintaining a lifestyle that is as healthy as possible, staying on an exercise regimen, and massaging the removal area to increase circulation.